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Yes, you can! Simply go to contact and write down your details! We will get back to you shortly.

CinVivo offers to cover your event with live streams.

We would come into your OR and bring up to 5 camera systems (2 headcameras for surgeon and assistant, one overview camera, and two additional systems to record vitals, fluoroscopy or ultrasound. The video images would then be transferred using either internal ethernet or streaming services such as Zoom/Teams/Meets.

With our smart surgical camera systems we would join you to record all aspects of a particular surgical procedure and then offer our editing services to create a final product.

Please contact us to get more information.

1 year product warranty is included. It is possible to extend the warranty for several years. Please contact us for further information.

Yes, you can take still-shots or snapshots. Press the Snapshot Button on the center bottom of the preview screen on the Remote Control Tablet. The snapshot will be stored in the currently active project folder or create its own project folder if none are active. The snapshot can be viewed from inside the folder. The snapshots can be taken while video recording. 

Both formats are used to store MPEG-2 compressed video data. MPG4 is clearly the more commonly used format however its disadvantage is that if transmission is interrupted or the recording file is not closed properly , the entire file can be rendered unreadable. This occurs because the file information in MPG4 files is written at the end of the file and if this information is not added correctly , the file is considered “broken”. Alternatively the TS format (Transport Stream) can overcome these limitations by automatically adding file information after each key frame. Transport stream specifies a container format encapsulating packetized elementary streams, with error correction and synchronization pattern features for maintaining transmission integrity when the communication channel carrying the stream is degraded. Most video editing and playback software can handle both formats. Therefore it would be our recommendation to use the TS format to avoid “broken” video files should there be transmission errors or power losses.

Most professional or semi-professional video editing software can read both MP4 and TS (Transport Stream) format. You can also use an open source converter such as  or commercially available program such to convert.

All video recordings are stored on the microSD card attached to the WDS. The card can be exchanged with any Level 10 Micro SD card with a capacity of up to 400 GB. The Titan-2 System software requires the card to be formatted in a FAT32 format. The system will automatically recognize the format of the SD card and offer to format it to FAT32.

Yes, the HUB has one HDMI out and a second USB C Thunderbolt connection. The USB C Thunderbolt connection can be used to connect to a 2nd monitor. It will require a USB C to HDMI or USB C to Display Port adapter, depending on the input requirements of the monitor.


The camera system has a specially designed head mount which allows you to wear surgical loops during your procedure. The picture above shows several different types which can be used together with the camera.

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