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Present your skills

The live image from the Titan 4K can be presented on multiple monitors inside and outside the procedure room. Now everyone involved can see through the eyes of the surgeon.

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Increase patient safety

Display the surgical field to your OR staff like never before. The live image casting will make your stuff carefully follow the procedure and react according to.

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Procedural and product support has traditionally been provided in person. Technology such as the Titan 4K allows for remote support in real-time using video and audio input.                           

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Videos create a more engaging sensory experience. Resident and fellows actually get to see the concept being taught, and they can process it in the same way they process their everyday interactions.

Start sharing your techniques, untethered.

Designed by surgeons for surgeons

The State-of-the-Art in Surgical Headcameras

The NEW Titan-4K features advanced focusing and stabilization technology to deliver brilliant image quality while keeping the surgeon untethered with wireless video transfer.

bring the surgical field to your audience like never before

... it´s a must have in modern surgery!

ultra lightweight headset

only 290 grams including camera and light

The CinVivo headset is designed to be comfortable and offers optimal weight distribution. The Titan 4K headset weight matches that of most headlights (without a camera) !

Allow visual participation for the entire OR Staff

Perfect Precision in Every Discipline: Introducing Our 3 Specialized Camera Modules with Custom Focal Lengths for Each Surgical Specialty!

4k Resolution and Smart autofocus

your videos and pictures will always be in focus

The camera module records in 4K resolution and now features Time-of-Flight instant focus technology where the captured video is always sharp and lifelike.

real time Smart image stabilization

We have added the newest Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with outstanding accuracy and high-speed sampling capabilities for the most demanding optical and computational image stabilization.

Shedding Light on Surgical Excellence!

The Vital Importance of Optimal Illumination

63.000 lux at 40cm / 15.3 in

Powerful light

The Titan 4K  includes a powerful headlight ensuring optimal and bright illumination of the field of view.

The light unit includes a speaker and microphone to allow the user to communicate with an audience or narrate his procedure.

Optimal Illumination

The spot diameter can be varied using different optical lenses, thereby avoiding typical Iris-induced LUX losses.

Voice commands

Control the camera while maintaining sterility

The Titan 4K  includes voice regognition that allows the user to control the system handsfree.

The build-in microphone catches different accents and makes the system user friendly. The speaker provides feedback to the user.

Introducing Smart Video Editing Features!

Revolutionizing Surgical Filmmaking:

Introducing Smart Video Editing Features to Enhance Precision and Education

CinVivo has developed the Snippet feature which allows you to capture highlights (via tablet or voice command) during your procedure. After creating numerous highlights the CinVivo software allows you to review, select and compile the Snippets to an edited video.

Download a fully edited video right after the procedure without having to open video editing software. Stop spending countless hours on editing videos after operating!

Efficiency Unleashed: Save Precious Time with the Revolutionary Snippet Feature

A picture says more than a thousand words!

Best take Snapshots

Still images taken by the Titan-4k Camera

To get the best image quality, the camera takes up to 60 images and our software will then select the best images for you.

System in use

The headset is designed to be compatible with a wide array of surgical loops. Either the camera or the light can be positioned to be coaxial with the surgeon’s eyes as needed.

Experience Wireless Connectivity and Complete Mobility

How it works...

Exploring Limitless Use Cases

Teaching tool

Life-long learning

Share your best practices inside or outside the operating room. You can teach students or other surgeons by using video footage or live streaming surgical procedures. The live image can also be displayed on monitors, giving students the best view in the OR.

Live Streamings

The Titan-4K offers the ability to stream live within a dedicated network providing the surgeon with a remote teaching and presentation tool.

Live Cases and broadcasting service

CinVivo provides broadcastings of live surgeries during conventions and symposiums.

Our technology not only connects headcameras but also any other imaging technology such as microscopes, ultrasound, vitals and fluoroscopy (x-rays).

CinVivo covers your event.

Recording and casting

Get the best out of your videos

Zoom in, highlight special moments or add comments. The Titan 4K stores videos in MP4 or TS format which can be easily edited with any video editing software that handles 4k videos. With CinVivo´s snippet feature you can create fully edited videos without much effort. 

In addition to that you can decide whether voice is going to be recorded or not.

CinVivo Storage Cart

Upgrade Your Efficiency:
Effortless Setup and Time Savings for Your OR Staff with our Storage Cart.

Camera Module

Wall Charger

2 Power Banks / runtime 3-4h each


Remote Control Tablet

Optional Storage Cart (Add on)

Headband with Camera, Light and Transceiver

Hard Case

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