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The CinVivo Story

Early in 2016 Dr. Stefanos Demertzis, Chief of Cardiac Surgery at the Cardiocentro Ticino in Lugano / Switzerland, approached Dr. Hausen with a prototype of a surgical head-mounted camera. His idea was to provide a camera as a mobile unit (untethered) that would not just record but also cast the surgeon’s view to a TV in the OR for everyone present to follow the procedure. This idea stemmed from his experience in video-assisted thoracic surgery where overall attention in the OR was magnified due to the ability for everyone to follow the procedure through monitors. Dr. Demertzis asked Dr. Hausen if he was interested in taking the idea and his prototype and turning it into a commercial product.
CinVivo (See-in-Vivo) was thus founded and Dr. Hausen tried to build upon the original concept by using advanced camera boards with special auto-focus lenses. Instead of just casting locally (in the OR) the Titan – 2K now can stream the live view over the Intranet to spectators outside the operating room. It allows specialists to monitor without having to be physically present. Beta-tests demonstrated excellent quality videos with outstanding color trueness. The wireless mobile unit made it easy for the surgeon to move around in the OR.
CinVivo added the ability for non-sterile staff to manipulate the camera settings, initiate or end recordings, alter focus, digital zoom , pan and tilt of the camera through a separate Remote Control Stick.
In the fall of 2017 the Titan – 1 System obtained CE Mark and FCC clearance and the product was launched in Europe and the US. The Titan-2K System is now the most current product with many improved features.


Dr. Hausen is a surgeon by training. Soon after completing his training at the Hannover Medical School and while researching at Stanford University, Dr. Hausen co-founded Cardica Inc. He served as Cardica’s President and CEO from 2000 until 2015 during which time the company went public and  developed various advanced surgical stapling devices for vascular anastomoses and tissue transection. In 2016 he founded CinVivo.