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What’s Included

2K Resolution Camera Module

The Camera Module consists of a premium anodized aluminum body for robustness and aesthetics. It encloses state-of-the-art electronics that include a USB 3.1 UVC camera board with a 5 MP low-light sensor. The camera sensor provides 2K resolution (2560x1440p) video footage at up to 30 fps. The camera module includes a high-end, ultra low weight, remote control-focus lens module with a focal length of either 9.6 or 15.8 mm and a small aperture for a large range of depth-of-field. The camera module is connected to the Primary Video Processor using the Duo Cable with one connection for the USB 3.1 camera and the other to provide power for the LED Light. A universal horse-shoe mount not only connects to the provided Headband Mount but allows the user to mount the Camera Module to any standard tripod or camera mount.

Primary Video Processor

After receiving the video signal from the Camera Module the Primary Video Processor encodes the signal and transfers it in 2K resolution wirelessly to the Wireless Display and Streaming Unit. The Primary Video Processor is attached to the battery and worn at the hip.   Any changes in camera parameters are received from the Remote Control Tablet and implemented via the Primary Video Processor. After being connected to the battery the software on the Primary Video Processor is designed to boot into the video transfer mode without any need for user input.

LED Light

The LED Light has been specifically designed to provide high power and focused light to the region of interest for optimal video capture. It is connected to the headband and positioned just above the Camera Module. It consists of an ultra-bright LED diode combined with a special lens to provide a highly focused light spot.   The light module is enclosed with a red anodized aluminum housing.

Wireless Display & Streaming Unit

The Wireless Display and Streaming Unit (WDS) is the central processor for the Titan-2K System. The WDS is powered by an Intel Core I7 processor which provides the necessary processing power to manage a multitude of simultaneous operations. The WDS receives the video signal via a dedicated secured internal Wifi connection and routes the signal in up to 4 simultaneously available paths:

    • Recording: The video signal is recorded in 2K resolution to a 128GB SDXC card inserted into the WDS . The videos stored on the micro SD card can then be effortlessly transferred as needed.
    • Casting: The WDS casts the live video feed in 2K resolution to any display device (monitor, TV) through an HDMI connection.
    • Streaming: The WDS can be connected to the Intranet  through an Ethernet connection. This allows the user to setup secured viewing / chat rooms inside the local network where selected audiences can remotely participate in the live event and interact with the recording crew.
  • The WDS streams the video signal to the Remote Control Tablet, allowing operators to adjust camera controls, record and playback sequences.

Remote Control Tablet

The primary user interface consists of the Remote Control Tablet. The Tablet  allows remote access to the app and control of the essential functions of the camera. These include initiation and termination of recordings, digital zoom, pan and tilt and changes to all image related camera parameters.

Tablet S2 3

Portable Microphone and Speaker

The Portable Microphone and Speaker unit allows the surgeon to direct the CinVivo Titan-2K System using special voice commands. Recordings are started and stopped, the image is focused or zoomed using short commands followed by confirmations from the system. The Portable Microphone and Speaker unit is connected to the Wireless Display & Streaming Unit using a dongle-based Bluetooth connection, ensuring safe and reliable connections.

Anker PowerCore 20000 Batteries

The CinVivo Titan-2K System includes two Anker PowerCore 20000 batteries.  These batteries provide the power for the Camera Module, the Primary Video Processor and the LED Light. With the camera and processor in use one PowerCore Speed 20000 battery will provide approximately 3-4 hours of power.
Each battery comes with a detachable holster clip that allows the battery to be worn on a belt . The batteries have USB Type A connectors that connect to Duo Cable providing the power to the headband components.
The Anker PowerCore Speed batteries use Quick Charge 3.0 (Qualcomm Technologies). Quick Charge allows for high levels of current to flow to the battery at higher voltages which maximizes its charging efficiency. The Anker PowerPort Charger provided with the CinVivo Titan-2K System also utilizes Quick Charge 3.0 technology. In order to benefit from this latest technology special USB Micro B to USB Type A cables are provided enabling larger current flows.

Anker PowerPort Charger

Anker PowerPort Charger is a powerful USB charger that can output up to 8A and 40 Watts. It is small and of light weight. The plug is fold-able. The Anker PowerPort Charger’s s PowerIQ technology identifies what kind of device is plugged into each port and automatically delivers the proper amperage for each connected device.
It provides visibility of the charging status. When the PowerPort 4 is “slowly charging” or in standby mode (at an output current of less than 500mA), the LED will illuminate in blue. When the PowerPort 4 is “fast charging” (at an output current of higher than 500mA), the LED will illuminate in green. The Anker PowerPort Charger has built-in surge protection.

Anker Charger


The Camera Module, LED Light and Primary Video Processor are designed to be used with the Titan-2K Headband. The Headband comes with a universal mount that connects to the Horse-shoe mount in the Camera Module and to the LED Light. The Duo-Cable is used to connect to the Camera Module and LED Light to the Primary Video Processor and the Battery. The camera and light mounts can be adjusted by loosening the mount screws without the need for special tools.

Software Application

The CinVivo Titan-2K Software Application has been custom designed to meet the specific needs of intraoperative video documentation. This application allows the user to record, cast and stream videos. The software is comprised of 4 basic modules:

  • Camera Controls
  • Project Management
  • Sequence Management
  • Streaming and Casting

Tab S2 Multiple Screens

Travel Cases

The CinVivo Titan-2K System comes prepackaged in two travel cases to protect the individual components and ensure that they can stay together as a system.