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How to connect to a wireless network:

In order to connect to an existing wireless network follow these steps.

Network Connection Remote Control Tablet Small.png

Understanding Different USB Plugs

The CinVivo Titan-2K uses 4 different kind of USB Plugs.

USB Connectors with Label

  • Type C connects to Camera Module for Video Feed
  • Type A (USB 3.0) connects to Controller for Video Feed
  • Mini B connects to Camera Module and Controller for LED Light power
  • Micro B connects to Controller for power input to Controller, Camera Module and LED Light
  • Type A (USB 2.0) connects to Chargers

Micro SD Card Full:

The Micro SD provided with the Titan – 2K System has a capacity of 128 Gb. Once less than 50 mb are available the user is prevented from initiating a new recording. In place of the red recording button a white warning triangle will be displayed.
Either delete or move content from the SD card to the cloud to create space for new recordings which will re-enable the recording button.

Format Micro SD Card:

All video recordings are stored on the microSD card attached to the WDS. The card can be exchanged with any Level 10 Micro SD card with a capacity of upto 128 GB. The Titan-2K System software requires the card to be formatted in a FAT32 format. On a Windows 10 PC you can use for example the Macroit program to format in this format ( Alternatively you can upload this app for Windows users:

In order to format or reformat the microSD card on the Remote Control Tablet follow these steps:

Micro SD Card Not Inserted:

Should the Micro SD Card not be inserted into the Wireless Display and Streaming Unit then recordings will not be possible until a Micro SD card with the correct formatting (FAT32) and the correct file structure ( /cinvivo/projects ) is inserted.

The Home screen will show the following display where there are no Project Folders and the recording button is replaced with a warning triangle.