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Remote Learning

Empty Classrooms

This pandemic has challenged us to find new ways to grasp the attention, illicit excitement and foster comprehension when teaching our students in a remote setting. The quality of education, that what differentiates excellent from good schools, is being redefined.

Just following the professor’s lecture with a conventional video camera and then streaming it to the internet via Zoom, Skype or other means is basic and will not suffice. How do you teach topics that require live presentation of details such as in experiments conducted as part of a physics, biology or chemistry lecture? How can a class of a hundred students follow a surgical procedure, examine skin lesions, study intricate anatomy or examine a human corpse all at once, as if they were physically present?

The CinVivo Headlight Camera System, the Titan-2K, allows the lecturer to give his students a closeup view of everything he himself is looking at. Zoom functions within the System can further improve visibility. 

This technology allows the lecturer to be completely mobile, untethered to any hardware. He can roam between patients or experimental setups unhindered. 

The video can be streamed to audience within and outside of the university network in Full HD quality, depending on the available bandwidth.