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Getting Started


    • The CinVivo Titan-2K System provides high quality mobile video capture and presentation technology using using CinVivo’s high standards and technological expertise.
    • Content may differ from the final product and is subject to change without prior notice.
    • The items supplied with the System and any available accessories may vary depending on the region.
    • The supplied items are designed only for this System and may not be compatible with other devices.
    • You can purchase additional accessories from CinVivo or from other retailers. Make sure they are compatible with the System before purchase (see User Manual).
    • Other accessories may not be compatible with your System.
  • CinVivo is not liable for performance issues or incompatibilities caused by edited registry settings or modified operating system software. Attempting to customize the operating system or application may cause your System to work improperly.

Getting Started Video


CinVivo Titan-2K System

The CinVivo Titan-2K System consists of multiple components that are designed to work in unison. The System revolves around the 2K Camera Module, the Primary Video Processor (PVP), the Wireless Display and Streaming Unit (WDS), the Portable Microphone and Speaker and the Remote Control Tablet. The System further includes a LED Light,  multiple batteries, a charger and an assortment of cables. The entire System is run by the custom CinVivo software.

Charge the Batteries

Start by charging the batteries using the Micro B to Type A cables. Insert the Micro B end into the appropriate jack on the batteries and Type A end to the Charger.

Connect Wireless Display & Streaming Unit

Connect the Wireless Display & Streaming Unit  to a display monitor using the included HDMI cable. Ensure that the Wifi Adapter is inserted into one of the USB Type A jacks of the WDS. Use the provided power supply and boot the WDS.  Completion of the boot process can be verified when the CinVivo logo with a rotating shutter symbol becomes visible.

Connect Camera Module / Primary Video Processor and LED Light Connection to Battery

Place the headband on the user’s head and connect the two USB Type A connector from the Duo Cable originating from the Camera Module / Primary Video Processor and LED Light Connection to the PVP and Battery as show below. This will boot the Primary Video Processor and turn on the LED Light.

Turn on the Remote Control Tablet

Turn on the Remote Control Tablet and launch the CinVivo app.

Tablet 1

Select or Create a Project

Pressing the Recording Button will automatically create a new Project Folder. Alternatively pick an existing Project or create a new Project.



Use the manual-focus slider to obtain optimal focus.



Start a recording by simply pressing on the recording button.