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The Complete System

The CinVivo Titan-2K System is the first fully integrated, wireless video recording / casting (projection to monitors inside the OR) and streaming system with 2K resolution (2560x1440p). The Titan-2K System has been designed by surgeons for surgeons. Emphasis has been placed on complete mobility, high video quality and an intuitive user interface.  WE CUT THE CABLE !

NOW Includes a 2K Resolution Camera


A truly unique system ! We have upgraded the CinVivo Titan-2K System with a new camera module that delivers 2K resolution video quality. Capture 2560x1440p video that’s sharp and lifelike, minimizing motion blur and providing intricate detail.

High Quality Remote Control Focus Lens

Varioptic_Lens 2

The CinVivo Titan-2K System utilizes a state-of-the-art remote-control-focus lens with a focal length of either 9.6 or 15.8 mm to provide intricate detail with the utmost quality. Manufactured from durable materials that include glass optics and metal housings these lenses deliver great imagery and long-lasting reliability.


Integrated Primary Video Processor

The CinVivo Titan-2K System captures 2K (2560x1440p) definition video into a hip-mounted Primary Video Processor. The Primary Video Processor (PVP) captures and pre-processes the image and then transmits it to the Wireless Display and Streaming Unit.  The PVP is a light weight, battery powered, silent state-of-the art computer that enables a completely untethered system.

Real-time Image Stabilization

The CinVivo Titan-2K System now includes real-time image stabilization. Forget worrying about vibrations and shaking, enjoy casting or recording a stabilized video feed.

Wireless Display & Streaming Unit

The Wireless Display & Streaming Unit (WDS) unit is the center of the CinVivo Titan-2K System. Based on the latest Intel technology this computer is tasked with simultaneously receiving the 2K resolution video from the Primary Video Processor, casting the video to a local display, streaming the 2K video inside the local intranet AND recording the video stream on portable high performance micro SD cards. Finally the WDS transmits the video to the Remote Control Tablet to allow the users to view and manipulate the video feed as needed.

The Wireless Display Streaming Unit can be connected via HDMI to any quality display device. Just power-up the Primary Video Processor and the WDS and you are ready to display, record and transmit.

Video Storage in your Pocket

The Wireless Display and Streaming Unit provides a slot for a microSDXC card with UHS-I support for up to 100 MB/sec of data recording. High performance 128 – 400 GB Micro SD cards can be inserted for storage of many hours of videos. The mobility of the microSD cards allows for an easy transfer of the recorded files.

Micro SD Card

Extra Charge

The CinVivo Titan-2K System comes with two Anker PowerCore 20000 mAh batteries to power both the LED Light and the Primary Video Processor. One PowerCore 20000 battery will provide enough power to run the Light and PVP for approximately 3-4 hours. The pool of batteries will give you plenty of backup power.

Super Bright Light Emitting Diode

The CinVivo Titan-2K System includes a light attachment that provides a powerful light. The LED Light is easily inserted into the head-mount ensuring good illumination of the field of view. A rechargeable battery pack worn in a holster provides hours of illumination. The LED light provides optimal illumination for high frame-rate video capture.

Remote Control Tablet

The CinVivo Titan-2K System user interface is provided by the Remote Control Tablet. The live streaming and replay of recordings is controlled via the Tablet. The user has the ability to remotely control all aspects of the Titan-2K System such as initiating and stopping recordings, playback of previous recorded sequences, organization of sequences into projects, or uploading to the cloud, just to name a few. The Remote Control Tablet allows complete control of all aspects of the camera such as zoom, pan or tilt and change all image related camera parameters as desired.

Tablet S2 2

Live Stream to the Internet via YouTube Live Stream

The CinVivo Titan-2K System offers endless processing power to effortlessly record, cast and stream in 2K resolution simultaneously. The Titan-2K can transfer live video and sound to the Internet via YouTube Live Stream. This allows for remote live viewing of ongoing procedures in stunning quality.

Quick Recharge

The CinVivo Titan-2K System comes with the Anker PowerPort Charger which offers multiple USB ports for charging. The PowerPort and the PowerCore+ Battery both use the Qualcomm technology Quick Charge 3.0 for rapid recharge so you can be ready for the next case in no time.

Anker Charger

Travel Cases

The CinVivo Titan-2K System comes with high quality cases that ensure protection of all components.