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The CinVivo Titan-4K System is the first fully integrated, wireless video recording / casting (projection to monitors inside the OR) and streaming system with 4K resolution. Emphasis has been placed on complete mobility, high video quality and an intuitive user interface. 

4k camera with autofocus

small and powerfull

We have upgraded the System with a new custom-designed camera module that provides 4K resolution, time-of-flight focus and electronic image stabilization. This allows it to capture video that is sharp and lifelike while minimizing motion blur and providing intricate detail.

Time-of-flight instant focus uses distance measuring laser technology to continuously scan the field of view and adjust the focus parameters within milliseconds. 

Using a state-of-the art 6-axis inertial measuring unit (IMU) the Titan 4K camera module now offers gyro-enhanced image stabilization.

All of this is packaged into a small and light weight camera module. 

Powerful surgical light

optimal illumination

The System includes a powerful LED light ensuring optimal and bright illumination of the camera field of view. A rechargeable battery pack worn on a holster provides hours of illumination. 

CinVivo offers additional lenses that let you alter the light spot diameter without any loss in illumination intensity that is otherwise trypically associated with standard iris technology.

The headlight includes a speaker and microphone. This allows the surgeon to use voice commands to direct the camera or communicate with an outside audience.

surgical headband

Excellent Fit & Function

The headband is light-weight, designed for comfort and highly adjustable. 

Our target was to make the Titan 4K headset not heavier than your average light-only headset: <300g ( < 0.65 lbs).

Compatible with all types of surgical loupes

Remote control tablet

easy to use

The user interface is provided by the Remote Control Tablet. Live streaming and replay of recordings is controlled via the Tablet. The user has the ability to remotely control all aspects of the Titan-4K System such as initiating and stopping recordings, playback of previous recorded sequences, or organization of sequences into projects The Remote Control Tablet also provides complete control of all aspects of the camera such as zoom, pan or tilt as well as the ability to change all image related camera parameters.

CinVivo Transceiver

Powerful computer

The Transceiver is a custom designed, high performance computer worn by the surgeon. The Transceiver receives the video signal from the camera module and transmits it via encrypted WiFi to the HUB. In addition the Transceiver gives the surgeon full control over light intensity. 

The Transceiver is a lightweight, ventilated unit with the computing power necessary to  process 4K videos. 

The Transceiver is typically powered by a battery pack, which is provided as part of the Titan 4K system. For users who would prefer not to wear any additional hardware the Transceiver can be  mounted to a pole behind the surgeon and powered by a wall charger.  

The Transceiver has two independent power input jacks that allow a seamless battery swap. 


powerful router and Main Processing Unit

The Hub-Station consists of a triple band router and the Hub, the main computer processing unit.  The Hub is the brain of the Titan 4K system and can be placed anywhere in the operating room. It can simultaneously receive the 4K video from the Transceiver, cast the video to a local display, stream the video inside a local  network AND record the video stream on portable high capacity micro SD cards. In addition the Hub transmits the video to the Remote Control Tablet to allow the users to view and manipulate the video feed as needed.

The Hub has an HDMI and USB C output to connect to monitors or other streaming and viewing systems.

Video storage in your pocket

small and portable

The Hub provides storage capabilities for large capacity microSDXC cards, thumb drives or SSD drives. This allows you to store up to 150 hours of 4k video.

This allows you to have a storage solution that fits your needs. 

Retain control of all your video files.

Travel cases

Complete Mobility

The Titan 4K is designed to be a completely autonomous system. It comes with two travel cases to offer full mobility.  One travel case stores the headset. It is designed to allow the surgeon to place the headset in exactly the way the surgeon perfers wearing it so that he just grab it and go.  The second case houses the Hub-Station. The Hub-Station can stay inside this case during use: just connect it to a power source and a monitor and it is ready to record, cast, stream and beam.

Soft case 

Hard case

Powerful wall charger


The System comes with a wall charger capable of quick charging the batteries or supplying power directly to the Transceiver.

Extra charge

Two Mighty Powerbanks with holster

The System comes with two batteries (one spare) to power the LED Light , Camera Module and the Transceiver. One battery will provide enough power to run the Light and Transceiver for approximately 3 hours. These batteries allow for quick charging in less than 3 hours.

The holster and a holster belt make it comfortable to wear and allow a fast and easy battery swap .

Available Add-ons

Storage Carts

This cart is an optional Add-On

We offer a storage cart for customized solutions. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

The Sentry-4K Mountable OR Cam

stationary OR camera

Capture real time video in 4K with the Titan Sentry, totally untethered. The stationary camera can be attached easily to any structure in the OR. It is small, wireless and can be placed where you want to see what you need.

Sentry-4K System

Comes in one Hard case

The Sentry allows you to redefine education, training and mentoring in modern day surgery. Use this AV technology to further and advance medicine. Partner with CinVivo´s Titan-4K Headlight Camera System for the ultimate OR viewing experience.

Unbeatable Handiness and Flexibility

The Sentry connects wirelessly

We offer multiple different clamps and attachments to make the sentry fit to your OR equipment.

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