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Record And Present Your Surgical Skills

The standard of surgery is likely to improve as surgeons choose to communicate and interact online with their colleagues by sharing their experiences. Video documentation is clearly the most potent tool in these forums. With the CinVivo Titan-2K System you can record and store your procedure untethered to a Micro  SD card now in 2 K resolution. Then, upload the compressed (H.264) sequence directly from the System to the Intranet and within minutes following the procedure others can participate online. Or live stream your video feed directly to a select audiences.

The Entire OR Staff Can Participate

Visual access to an open surgical procedure is often limited to those directly involved, often just the surgeon and the first assistant. This limits how much others can participate, others such as the anesthesiologist, scrub nurse, circulating nurse, pump technician and OR aides. We know from endoscopic procedures that visual access improves responsiveness, attention to detail and awareness of the entire team. Let the CinVivo Titan-2K System take your team to new heights.

A Live Teaching Tool

Close-up observations of surgical procedures are essential for training of residents, medical students and guest physicians. In the modern world of video technology the philosophy of ” see one, do one, teach one ” has to be a thing of the past. The CinVivo Titan-2K System with its live 2K resolution media streaming capabilities allows the entire medical staff to observe every detail of the surgery with the eyes of the surgeon, facilitating training, teaching and understanding.

Objective Documentation

Once a patient’s skin incision is closed it is impossible to determine what the surgeon did during the operation. Juries may be skeptical about surgeons’ recollections. Major malpractice cases have turned on points as simple as whether a surgeon checked the integrity of a screw on an orthopedic appliance. The traditional surgical note, dictated after the operation, can be effective documentation for short or routine operations. Post-surgical recollections become questionable for long, complex procedures and those with unexpected findings. The video file can be saved in addition the surgeon’s notes of the operation. Supplemented with a dictated chart note, these provide an inexpensive but comprehensive record. There is proposed legislation in various states mandating hospitals to provide video and audio recording of all surgeries. See how CinVivo can help you meet this objective.