Surgical Head Camera – Titan-4K


Designed and Developed By Surgeons in California.

The CinVivo Story

6 years after inception CinVivo has now released it latest generation of head camera, the Titan-4K. It started with a concept developed by Dr. Stefanos Demertzis, Chief of Cardiac Surgery at the Cardiocentro Ticino in Lugano / Switzerland. CinVivo’s products have evolved into the most sophisticated surgical head cameras available today.


CinVivo was founded in 2016 by Dr. Hausen. Dr. Hausen is a surgeon by training. Soon after completing his training at the Hannover Medical School and while performing research at Stanford University, Dr. Hausen co-founded Cardica Inc. He served as Cardica’s President and CEO from 2000 until 2015 during which time the company went public and developed various advanced surgical stapling devices for vascular anastomoses and tissue transection.

Our principles are to design products that meet the very specific needs of its customers, the surgeon. This requires special focusing technology, image stabilization, voice commands, powerful headlights and high resolution – high quality videos. We have not and will not stop to iterate and perfect our products.

Our Mission

Our mission at CinVivo is to advance healthcare by expanding access to the surgical field for our customers. With our technology, we aim to increase the safety of everyone in the operating room, patients and staff included by creating an integrated, efficient and synergistic environment. 

Our Vision

Not only are we focused on improving healthcare in the present, but also laying the groundwork for future medical advancement. At CinVivo, we strive to revolutionize medical education by giving students, residents and fellows a front row seat to surgeries like never before. With this increased exposure, doctors will be better prepared to treat their patients at the highest level. 

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